4"x4" Wall Tiles, Accent Terra, Set of 27

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4x4 Wall Tiles, Accent Terra, Set of 27 is now the hot piece that is why you shouldn’t overlook to try it. You will know how fantastic it's and why it can make the good sale. Don’t worry because it’s not expensive to enable you to think a lot. We all assure that 4x4 Wall Tiles, Accent Terra, Set of 27 is fantastic and also worthwhile for you.

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-Number of Pieces Per 1 Quantity: 27-Square Feet Per 1 Quantity: 3-Individual TilesNexus Terra Accent wall tiles can transform your space into that stunning stone look at fractions less than the real stuff. Specially formulated revolutionary adhesive enables Nexus tiles to permanently fasten & adhere to the wall. Simply peel and stick.

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