0.5"x12" Polished Florence Calacatta Maserati Marble Pencil Liner, Set of 40

Best 0.5"x12" Polished Florence Calacatta Maserati Marble Pencil Liner, Set of 40 Reviews

Best Price 0.5x12 Polished Florence Calacatta Maserati Marble Pencil Liner, Set of 40

Sale Price 0.5"x12" Polished Florence Calacatta Maserati Marble Pencil Liner, Set of 40 Accent, Trim & Border Tile

-1/2 x 12 Polished Calacatta Gold Marble Pencil Liner-Type: Marble-Finish: Polished-Product Type: Moldings & Trims-Color: White-Material: Marble-Sold by: ln.ft.-Width: 0.5 Height: 12 Thickness:0.75-Chip Size (If available)Application: This premium grade, luxurious, elite, beatiful, natural material is for Bathroom, Kitchen, Shower, Dining Room, Balcony, Pool, Backsplash Floor & Wall. Areas we ship: USA, large quantities are available.-Meraki_group_98--Sold By Unit: Box-Coverage Area: 0.21 FT (square-feet)-Number of Pieces included in 1 Quantity: 5-ORFancy_Design_sub_3143-40-

How to 0.5"x12" Polished Florence Calacatta Maserati Marble Pencil Liner, Set of 40 Guide , Best Accent, Trim & Border Tile

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