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Matching 90 degree glass trim tile for steps, spas, spa steps, spillways, infinity edges and swimouts.This tile is sold individually. Trim tile measures 2 in. by 12 in., and are 3/4 in. thick.Artistry in Mosaics, Inc. is the largest manufacturer and distributor of the finest quality, frost proof handmade ceramic and glass mosaic tile designs in the world. These sometimes elegant, sometimes playful tile murals are frost proof and ideally suited for application in swimming pools, on interior and exterior walls, as tile backsplashes, countertops and even floors.All Artistry in Mosaics products are frost proof, virtually maintenance free and guaranteed for the life of the installation. The complete range of Artistry in Mosaics brand tiles meets or exceeds all industry quality standards including freeze thaw resistance and chemical resistance.Mosaic tile designs for both the young - and the young at heart. Tile Dolphins, mosaic turtles, fish murals and a whole lot more - we offer over 300 in-stock pool themed designs created in hand-cut ceramic and glass tile

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