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This deco-style Talavera ceramic tile features a blue 4-petals flower at its center surrounded by four decorations, all of them in a dark blue color. The background is white and when put four or more together it creates the reverse pattern at each intersection.Mexican Talavera ceramic is the result of a mixture of cultures over the time. The Spaniards were influenced by Arabic pottery, they brought it to Mexico and the mixture of cultures gave as result these beatiful art in ceramic. This ceramic tile is just an example of the exquisite beauty the Mexican craftsmen put on each item they create. It is handpainted, this means that no two tiles are exactly alike! There might be small differences in size, weight and even the paintings. If you want to delight somebody special with an unique handcrafted gift, this is what you are looking for! This tile is special for small patches or entire wall decoration.-Hand-hammered and mold-cut to perfection-Handcrafted by Mexico's Finest Artisans-We include 1 long brown screws in all of our hammered copper switch plates

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