1.25"x12"x1/2" Decorative Ambiance Trim Venetian Bronze Style

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Are you looking for this 1.25x12x1/2 Decorative Ambiance Trim Venetian Bronze Style? If so, why do not necessarily you buy one? If you haven't ever tried it, how will you know that it is good? Make this happen 1.25x12x1/2 Decorative Ambiance Trim Venetian Bronze Style and you will surely understand how good it is. On this tempting price,consumer retention islikely!

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-1.25x12 Decorative Ambiance Trim Venetian Bronze Style-Design: Ambiance Trim-Material: Decorative-We sell by: pieceSize:-Additional Size Info: 1.25 x 12 x 1/2-Application: Bathroom, Bedroom, Kitchen indoor, and outdoor tiles.Shape Desgin:-Description: Designed to complement a variety of other lines, the Ambiance Collection includes an array of resin metal designs in various finishes to be used as accent elements in installation. With a wide selection in liners, decorations, and trim pieces, this collection has an extraordinary ambiance and classic mood to fit your space.-Number of Pieces included in 1 Quantity: 1-Total Coverage Area: 0.1

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