Rail Polished Tile, Emperador Cafe, 10 Pieces, 1"x2"x12"

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The Rail Polished Tile, Emperador Cafe, 10 Pieces, 1x2x12 is available for a very long timedue their guaranteed good results on the market. If you have never completed it, just try! If you have ever questioned, you woulddiscover the reasons people are captured through its quality intended for such a long period.

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Emperador Cafe Rail 1X2X12 Polished Rail Moldings are marble moldings designed to compliment tiling designs for backsplashes and wall projects.*** Sample charges, including shipping, will be refunded towards your final order of 100 Sq Ft or more making them completely free ***The name displayed does not necessarily represent the only industry name for a particular color and does not necessarily represent the actual colors prominent in the material. The color/shade of the material shown will vary significantly based on individual monitor settings, resolution, room lighting and camera used. Wallandtile recommends using pictures primarily to visualize the movements, patterns, veining, grain structure, blotches and other prominent characteristics of the material. We highly recommend ordering samples and requesting lot specific pictures.

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