4.2x4.2 9 pcs Yellow Royal Crown Talavera Mexican Tile

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The pattern in this ceramic tile is a flower-like with a cobalt blue background and predominantly yellows, terracotas and greens around it. Mexican Talavera ceramic is the result of a mixture of cultures over the time. The Spaniards were influenced by Arabic pottery, they brought it to Mexico and the mixture of cultures gave as result these beautiful art in ceramic. The tile is handpainted, this means that no two tiles are exactly alike! There might be small differences in size, weight and even the paintings. This tile is special for liners combined with a field tile (cobalt blue), for entire wall decoration.-Hand-hammered and mold-cut to perfection-Handcrafted by Mexico's Finest Artisans-We include 1 long brown screws in all of our hammered copper switch plates

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