0.75"x6" Carra Carrara Torello Ceramic Wall Trim Tile, Set of 8, Glossy

Best 0.75"x6" Carra Carrara Torello Ceramic Wall Trim Tile, Set of 8, Glossy Reviews

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Sale Price 0.75"x6" Carra Carrara Torello Ceramic Wall Trim Tile, Set of 8, Glossy Accent, Trim & Border Tile

Emulating the timeless beauty of Carrara marble, the SomerTile Carra Carrara Glossy Torello 3/4 in. x 6 in. Ceramic Wall Trim Tile captures stunning artistry dating back to Ancient Rome. Set on a glossy white glaze, this marbleized porcelain tile offers an everlasting look to accent your wall installation. Light grey veining striations sporadically flow throughout this trim piece, adding authenticity to your installation. The rounded surface of this trim piece makes it great for setting between two different wall tiles. The unglazed edges make it so that it is not recommend to be used as a finishing edge for your installation. There is variation in the veining patterns found throughout each tile. Pair this tile with other Carra Carrara products to complete your own elegant installation.-Pieces per Case: 8-Indoor Only-P.E.I. Rating 0 is suitable for walls and residential use only-Wall tiles are not C.O.F. rated-Square Footage Per 1 Quantity: 0.24-Individual Tiles

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