Carrara Marble Honed 5/8x12 Bullnose Pencil Liner, 1 Ln. Ft.

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-Italian Carrara White Marble Honed 5/8 X 12 Pencil Liner Trim Molding.-This listing is for 1 Linear Foot / 1 Piece.-These moldings / trim pieces are genuine Italian Bianco Carrara (Carrera) White Marble, raw materials imported from Carrera Province of Tuscany region in Italy.-Each liner is 12 (1 linear foot) in size-Sizes (per piece): 5/8 (Width) X 12 (Length) X 3/4 (Thickness)-We are the direct importers / distributors of the Italian Carrara White Marble materials. We would have any quantity you may need, ready for immediate shipment.-To serve you better, we can also send you detailed current batch photos, so you could see the look / variations and make a more confident purchase.-We ship all the materials in flawless condition and from the same batch, so they perfectly blend well with each other. Everything we ship would be fully-insured by our carriers against breakage, and delivered to your door steps in the shortest time.

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