4.2x4.2 9 pcs Alhambra Martino Talavera Mexican Tile

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A Talavera tile from our Alhambra Series, it is hand-painted in a Mexican white (off white) background. At the center is a flower, cobalt blue petals and terracotta center. A picture is worth thousand words, just check it out! Some relief is shown on the tile because the amount of glaze placed before the firing process, this creates a 3D effect on the tile when the glaze is embossed out as heats up. This tile can be used as a complimentary background tile in any wall or horizontal surface, as shown in one of the pictures. The tile is hand-painted, this means that no two tiles are exactly alike! There might be small differences in size, weight and even the painting. If you want to enhance that little spot in your wall, pool or any indoors/outdoors space, this is what you are looking for!-Hand-hammered and mold-cut to perfection-Handcrafted by Mexico's Finest Artisans-We include 1 long brown screws in all of our hammered copper switch plates

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