Arabescato Carrara Honed Marble 2x12 Crown Chair-Rail Moulding

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-Finish: Honed-Product Size: 2 x 12-Color: White / Gold / Light Gray-Sold By: PieceLooking for a great Italian theme in your living room, bathroom or kitchen? Your search ends here with high end Arabescato Marble Collection. This collection has unique looking tiles made of white marble and attractive Gray veins running through the white surface. These tiles are highly recommended in a classic or modern styled home because they remain timeless in demand.If used in a bathroom, the Arabescato Marble collection evokes a calm and serene atmosphere fit to have your evening bubble bath reading your favorite book. The streak of white and Gray veins running on your walls and floor creates a therapeutic aura for those evenings you just want to go home and relax after a long day. Arabescato Marble Collection comes in different sizes to fit the smallest to the largest room in your house with minimal tile wastage.We only need accurate measurements of the room you want to renovate and we will deliver the tiles to your doorstep. Our Arabescato Marble tiles are quite natural in look and make your interior look extremely authentic to the eye.Do you want your family to feel good in the house they live in? Would you love it if your friends and neighbors appreciated your good looking house each time they come visit? Arabescato Marble collection is the answer you are looking for.

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