MaxTile Corner Black Border Edging Tiles, Set of 4

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Greatmats MaxTile Corner Black Border Edging Tile 4 Pack is designed to be installed with Greatmats MaxTile Vinyl Interlocking Modular Floor Tiles, Male Border, and Femal Border edge tiles. These optional corner border edge tiles fit on the corners of your MaxTile and provide a finished, beveled edge. Ideal for basement floors, multipurpose gym floors, home or commercial applications.The Corner Black Border Edging Tile will complete the edging on your portable dance floor or home basement floor installation when combined with the optional Male Border and Female Border ramped edge tiles. The border edge tiles with loops are called female and the border edge tiles with the nub connection are called male. These borders will only interlock with the MaxTile. Typically choose half female and half male borders for an island installation with borders on all four sides of your layout.Available in 4 packs and made in the USA with commercial grade recycled material, each black corner border egding tile is 2-3/8 IN x 2-3/8 IN x 5/8 IN. These optional corner border tiles feature a ramped edge which provides a safe transition on and off the floor. MaxTile corner borders are easy to install with an interlocking, snap together design.

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