3.25"x12.38" Zocalo Ceramic Base Trim Molding, Satin Oak Wood, Set of 24

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-Number of Pieces Included: 24-Square ft. per 1 Quantity: 7.2The SomerTile 3-1/4 in. x 12-3/4 in. Zocalo Satin Oak Wood Ceramic Base Trim Molding is a great finishing touch to your indoor living space. Featuring a smooth finish and oak wood pattern, this tile is great for coordinating with many different products. This satin base trim tile is perfect for any setting, traditional enough for historical renovations or modern enough for new construction. Easy to clean and versatile, these tiles are great for adding depth and dimension to your wall installationFeatures:-Indoor-P.E.I. Rating 0 is suitable for walls and residential use only-Wall tiles are not C.O.F. rated-Number of Pieces Included: 24-Square Footage per Purchase: 7.22Each line item within an order will be selected from a single dye lot (color) and caliber (size), but multiple orders can result in receiving multiple dye lots and/or calibers. Please ensure that all tile for a project is obtained within one order.

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