4"x12" Italian Calacatta Milano Lamborghini Polished Lantern Corner, Set of 220

Best 4"x12" Italian Calacatta Milano Lamborghini Polished Lantern Corner, Set of 220 Reviews

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Where to Buy 4"x12" Italian Calacatta Milano Lamborghini Polished Lantern Corner, Set of 220 Accent, Trim & Border Tile

-Calacatta Gold Polished Marble Lantern Corner-Type: Marble-Finish: Polished-Product Type: Borders & Corners-Color: White-Material: Marble-Sold by: piece-Width: 4 Height: 12 Thickness:0.375-Chip Size (If available)Application: This premium grade, luxurious, elite, beatiful, natural material is for Bathroom, Kitchen, Shower, Dining Room, Balcony, Pool, Backsplash Floor & Wall.Coverage Area: 73.48 FT (square-feet)Number of Pieces included in 1 Quantity: 220

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