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Three-Tier Floating Shelf VonHaus

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This is such an incredible Three-Tier Floating Shelf VonHaus. We suggest you not to ever miss out on a chance to try this Three-Tier Floating Shelf VonHaus. It's been widely recognized by many people because of its unbelievable quality of performance on the market. Make sure you donot hesitate, pick the Three-Tier Floating Shelf VonHaus in addition to test it yourself currently!

  • Overall: 26'' H x 15'' W x 11'' D
  • Overall Product Weight: 6lb.
    • These Floating Glass TV Accessory Shelves are designed to support your entertainment accessories such as: DVD / Blu-Ray Players / Games Consoles / Surround Sound / Satellite TV Box / Cable TV Box/ Tivo Box etc..The shelves are designed to accompany a wall mounted television. When you have a TV mounted to the wall you will often find that you do not have a place to put your other devices. These shelves are the ideal solution.These shelves are universal and are designed to suit any type...

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