Everplush Diamond Jacquard Bath Towel 6-Piece Value Pack, Gray

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Everplush diamond jacquard towels are the next generation of bath towels. Made from high quality cotton and microfiber, the technology brings together the unique performance characteristics of a microfiber towel with the soft, luxurious feel of cotton bath linens. The patented technology of Ever plush gives these bath towels more water absorbency than ordinary cotton towels. Plus, the microfiber towel core retains the shape of the towel, prevents excessive lint and pilling and resists the buildup of mold, mildew and other odor-causing agents. All this means Ever plush bath towels stay soft and fluffy even after dozens of washes! try one out and experience bathroom drying like never before! available in a range of colors and sizes including oversized bath sheets, hand towels and washcloths.

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