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AV Shelving System AVF

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AV Shelving System AVF had been sold since long time during the past. It indicates the high quality which makes AV Shelving System AVF presence and turn into well known for long occasion. If you are never attempted, you have to try to get the reason why AV Shelving System AVF appears to the long time in the market.

  • Overall: 11.93'' H x 16.93'' W x 14.57'' D
  • Overall Product Weight: 9.24lb.
    • The ES250B-E is an A/V wall shelf unit with two shelves. It's great for a cable box satellite box DVR Blu Ray DVD video game consoles routers speakers Sonos devices other audio devices and even your prized snow globe collection (for example). The ES250B-E shelving unit not only saves valuable space but it also safely secures your AV equipment to the wall. Installation is quick and easy. The height-adjustable black tempered glass shelves measure: 16.9 inch (width) x 13.4 inch...

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AV Shelving System AVF Reviews

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