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Wall Mount 1-Layer DVD Bracket Wee's Beyond

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Do you looking for Wall Mount 1-Layer DVD Bracket Wee's Beyond? If you say yes, you will need to try. If you are by no means tried before, you must try to discover the wonder of Wall Mount 1-Layer DVD Bracket Wee's Beyond. After the first time of trying, you can be back to buy yet again. The good thing with low price, not too much people will quit back.

  • Overall: 11.2'' H x 14.25'' W x 9.87'' D
  • Overall Product Weight: 4.1lb.
    • Wall Mount 1-Layer DVD Bracket solution is for customers seeking a reliable floating shelf with strengthened tempered glass. This wall mount has a coating and adjustable shelf height to enhance the look of your entertainment system and free-up floor space. The sleek tempered glass shelf allows you to mount your DVD player gaming consoles or cable box. The slim wall plate allows you to discreetly organize and hide your messy cables. Complete mounting hardware kit and user manual included for...

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Wall Mount 1-Layer DVD Bracket Wee's Beyond Reviews

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