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Belanger by Keeney bathtub and shower faucets are created by engineers and designers to bring a touch of modern to your home. Retrofit Polished Chrome Rain Shower Faucet Kit-Easily attaches to existing shower arm-3-function diverter for single or dual use of the shower heads Built-in check valves-Limited Lifetime Warranty-Diverter : Ceramic, FCCARD004-Shower Head Flow : Maximum flow of 9.5 L/min (2.5 gpm) at 80 psi-Hand Shower Jets : 3 types of jets (spray, massage, bubbles) 5 positions-Hand Shower Flow : Maximum flow of 9.5 L/min (2.5 gpm) at 80 psi-Valve Compatibility : Retrofit model-Valve Direction : 3 way diverter with 3 individual functions-Easy-to-clean soft nozzles-59 chromed metal flexible hose-Finish: Polished Chrome-ADA Compliant-CUPC

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