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Have you ever tried applying this Es Freestanding Tumbler before? If the truth is “no”, why donot try it oneself at home? The price appears to be higher than what it needs to be, but quality is a bit more than what you see. The results are amazing! Yet, try it yourself now.

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The Es Freestanding Tumbler is a beautiful solution for a toothbrush holder or bathroom tumbler. The holder is made from chrome-plated brass, while the tumbler is made of crystal in a smooth, round, contemporary shape. Bertocci has created innovative and versatile bathroom products for generations and has become a real reference point on the market. Thanks to its collaboration with a team of designers, Bertocci offers stylish and functional bathroom accessories and essentials.Contemporary freestanding tumblerMade from chrome-plated brass and 24% lead crystalSimple and practical design

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